Greek Organization and Class Kente Graduation Stoles


Each strip is handwoven on a loom by a master kente weaver in Ghana, West Africa, taking as long a day to complete a stole.

A full 72" long and about 4-1/4" wide, Our kente stoles are longer and fuller than most others. We use the highest quality imported rayon weaving thread for bright colors and a lustrous sheen. Our stoles are characterized by the tightness of the weave which creates a firm "hand", or stiffness that is not found on other flimsier kente stoles. The lettering, perhaps the most noticed part the stole, is neatly and meticulously rendered. The stripes are straight and even, and the cloth runs straight its entire length.

We also offer custom Chapter orders.  Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for processing.  15 minimum for Chapter order. 

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